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Properties At Whole Sale Prices!​

  • We have over 25 years of experience in Real Estate with hundreds of happy customers and tens of thousands of acres sold.
  • We have sold many parcels of land through our seller finance program!
  • We strive to satisfy each and every family by helping you find the property of your dreams!
  • Fast and easy, no hassle closings! (We can close in as little as 7 Days)
  • We offer owner financing on nearly every property!

We help customers save!

Lots and Acreage at discounted wholesale prices! On average, Open Sky Land Company helps customers save upwards of 50% off market value!

Help buyers get the most for their money

Help buyers find the property that fits their needs

Help buyers find the best properties at the right price

Help buyers avoid getting rejected by the bank as we offer direct finicing

We have owner financing

We offer owner financing on Nearly Every Property!

Fast and easy, no hassle closings! (We can close in as little as 7 Days)

Our Reputation is second to none... As told by our customers!

Charles B. Little Elm, TX

Very pleased with how everyone stays in touch with us and communication was open and very pleased. Communication and everything. It was really cool.

Tevin W. Silbee, TX

Pretty easy process, everything was very good !!! Good communication by email and calls and everything was resolved without difficulty.

Josh Q. Houston Texas

My experience with Open Sky Land Company and Charlie was great! Charlie was very helpful and very quick to getting me the info I needed. Great in communicating with me for anything I needed! - Buying in Victoria, TX

Terrisa K. Arizona

Buying land was easy. Great communication throughout each step of the process. The process was straightforward and quick! I will definitely buy land again from Open Sky. Highly recommend this company!

Alfonso G. Moorseville, NC

I am very grateful with Mr. Charlie for his help and for his effort and dedication to his work. We are now owners of a couple of acres in Ben Wheeler, Texas. Thank you very much, Charlie! Thank you Open Sky Land Company!

Anonymous Stephenville, TX

I chose Open Sky Land Company because of the convenience and full disclosure they give about their properties. They’re motivating, innovating and consistent!

Josemaria M. Mesquite, TX

I am very happy, making enough plans with my family in what we are going to do, the days of the week we will spend on our land to rest and relax. Open Sky Land Company gave me the opportunity and trusted in me; even being people I didn't know, they gave me security with the questions I had and a lot of details that I felt comfortable doing business with them. All was very good.

Samuel R. Fresno, TX

I had good support. They were open in answering all my questions, they even offered to work with me with the down payment. It all worked out really well.

Manuel Riviera Splendora, TX

I thought it was perfect, everything was fine! I liked the way of being of Open Sky Land Company and how much confidence they have in people so as not to ask for further information and to be able to acquire a monthly payment plan. I feel happy and eager to start cleaning my land and meeting my new neighbors

Leonel P. Elmont, Texas

Everything was great. They always kept me aware of everything and I am very satisfied. Thank you for all your help! – Buying in Penelope, TX

Joseph L. Spring Branch, Texas

It was all good. I bought land from Open Sky Land Company, now all my friends are trying to buy land from them. – Spring Branch, TX

Joshua H. Dallas, Texas

The team at Open Sky Land Company made the process easy for me. I couldn’t be happier with the property I purchased, and would buy from them again. – Buying in Sulphur Springs, Texas

Linsey H. Dallas, Texas

With the help of Charlie, I made my dream come true. From beginning to end everything went on just like what Open Sky Land Company said. Thank you, Charlie, Thank you Open Sky Land Company. You guys are FANTASTIC!!

Joseph A. Austin, Texas

Very quick, easy and helpful with any and all questions. I will be a repeat customer in the future. Very excited for such a great place! Thank you for everything!


Call us anytime so you can schedule a set time to visit the property you are interested in. If there are any questions that need to be clarified, the Open Sky Land Company Sales Team can provide answers at the time of scheduling. You will also be able to locate the exact location by way of a Google Maps link or coordinates from Google Maps that are presented on each property page. The Sales Team can also guide you to the property if there are any issues with locating it during your visit.

Once you have visited the property and are ready to proceed with a purchase, give the Open Sky Land Company Sales Team a call back so we can get a contract in your name. We will also discuss and introduce the closing team that will assist with transferring ownership of the property from Open Sky Land Company into your name. A deposit will be required in addition to a signed contract in order to start the closing process. Once closing is ready to take place, the closing team will contact you to schedule a closing date and time.

You can begin using your newly owned property as soon as the closing has completed and you have been informed you are the new owner of the property. Until the closing occurs and rightful ownership transfers from Open Sky Land Company to you, you are legally not allowed to alter the property in any way.

Depending on the property you are interested in, no utilities, some utilities or all utilities may be present or established at or on the property. Please ask the Sales Team during your conversation, that way we are able to inform you of the status of current utilities or provide you the information so you can perform the necessary diligence to receive an answer.

To assist in providing undeveloped land for affordable housing opportunities across the United States, Open Sky Land Company has already pre-approved all interested buyers for our properties. We will work with you to customize your terms, accommodate your budget and make sure that your monthly payments are “Comfortable for your Family!” We also want you to know that there are NO banks involved, NO credit checks and NO background checks during our approval process! We trust that our customers know what is best for them and that’s all that matters for approval in our minds.

The closing process begins as soon as a contract is signed and your deposit made. Ownership can transfer into your name in as little as 5 business days! Please refer to the closing process question above and give us a call if further clarification is needed!

Monthly payments are made to an assigned loan servicing company depending on the location of your property. The Sales Team and closing team will provide the loan servicing company you will make payments to at the time of closing and ownership transfer.

Each property has different zoning/restriction requirements which will determine what exactly can be built or done on/with the property. Open Sky Land Company has sold a variety of properties across different counties and states and each county/state has their own sets of laws. All that said, Open Sky Land Company has sold properties that have zero restrictions (you can do as you please!) all the way to properties with HOAs (Homeowners’ Association). The best news is we likely have a property in a location with the exact requirements you are wanting!

After a purchase has been finalized and ownership passed on from Open Sky Land Company into your name, the property taxes are your responsibility, NO EXCEPTIONS. Since Open Sky Land Company trusts its customers 100%, part of that trust comes with the responsibility that each new owner takes on their property taxes since they are now the rightful owner of the property and the deed for the property has been filed in your name with the respective County.